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Poster-design for Goethe´s play.


university project


January 2018

For this project I had to create a type-based poster and a illustrative Poster for the play of

Goethes "Faust".

With the type-based Poster I wanted to demonstrate Fausts passing into the dark, the further the reader continues, the more difficult it gets to make out where Faust is or what he really looks like.

A very bold font, strong contrast and simple design create a striking and menacing picture.

The illustrative poster shares some of the ideas from the type-based. But it shows a scene taken from the play. While Faust wanders through the swamps, he discovers a will-o-wisp. The legend of the will-o-wisp can be taken to describe the plays whole plot. Faust is lost and blindly follows a light (lucifer, the morningstar)  that takes him

into his demise.

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