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Matthias Molzer

Im a 27 year old graphic designer living in Vienna.

What I love about designing is that it is like poetry, you have to find the exact right words to express what you want to say. Furthermore, rhythm and structure are tools that need to be used appropriately.

I have a great passion for all kinds of printmaking and for mixing medias. With every new project I try to find a different workflow and new approach in order to keep expanding my visual  dictionary. But whats most important for me is, that whatever I create has personality and a
voice of it's own.

Since mid-2017 I produce comics. They turned out to be fascinating projects which train my illustration, storytelling, printing and bookbinding skills. Two of them (The Brew
and Cutting the Stone) are available at

I will go the extra-mile to create striking, efficient, loud or personal designs, whatever is best suited!


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