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The ancient greek figure of Atlas, carrying the world was intended to strike a bridge to the latin and greek heritage of the companies name

(exo- and mys), show a healthy body and represent the potential power the product can give the user. The headline should strike curiousity and speak to the reader personally with a slightly joking delivery.

A pattern was created to rasterize pictures with our Logo and give the old statue a modern touch.

Exomys - passive, modular exoskeletons

creating a fictive campaign for the start-up

Exomys is a Start-Up that creates exoskeletons. Together with a colleague, I was tasked to create a campaign that realistically fits the product and the market. The concept was in this case more important than the execution. After research we wanted to have a consumer-based approach, that specializes in informing potential customers and have
a more human, down-to-earth corporate design. Thus we created a lighter, friendlier corporate identity, a infofolder
and a more elaborate website. A claim (find your hidden strength) that strikes curiousity and feels empowering, while also playing at exomys' market-advantage of being concealable and the way
passive exoskeletons work.

We designed: Logo, Businesscards, Stationary, Infofolder, Poster-ad, Website Wireframe,

Event-booth (sketch) and packaging (sketch)

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